Dana Duffy – Compassion… Let It Begin With Me

Dana Duffy (March 11, 1965 – Dec. 20, 2010)

Dana Duffy was the loving wife of ICR’s President, Don Duffy, and the devoted mother of four sons, Dean, Dylan, Dale and Dustin. She is forever celebrated and fondly remembered for her passion, her willingness to help others and her sense of humor and kindness.

ICR is a long time supporter of Dana’s foundation, Compassion…Let It Begin With Me, an organization that’s focused on continuing Dana’s passion to help others and her wish to ease the suffering of fellow chemotherapy patients. Dana started the foundation during her own battle with cancer, and Don and her two oldest sons, Dean and Dylan, have carried on her work and more generally the foundation’s mission to show compassion for the sick, bring comfort and hope for cancer patients, one life at a time.

To date the Foundation has raised almost $100,000 and has provided pillows to cancer and chemotherapy patients at Yale and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The foundation also made a donation to the University of Michigan Cancer Center to support the availability of additional amenities for chemotherapy patients at their cancer treatment facility.