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Investor Relations

Unlike almost every other agency, our Investor Relations practice is built on first-hand, senior-level capital markets experience and deep sector-specific knowledge. Armed with that skill set, our professionals provide expert counsel and access to an unmatched network of investors and influencers – decision makers who trust us and are trusted within their own networks. We deliver on these goals every day but especially when the stakes are the highest. This allows you to minimize risk and maximize equity value which reduces capital costs and increases the ability to invest in future growth. Our comprehensive IR activity includes best-practice investment positioning, disclosure, perception analysis, regulatory compliance, presentations and outreach.

Intelligence & Analysis

Good intelligence is critical to good decision making. We leverage and interpret a variety of sector- and company-specific research, news and information, and perception studies to ensure that you are knowledgeable about the range of issues you'll be expected to address.

Positioning, Strategy, Counsel

Having spent many years on the receiving end of corporate press releases and conference calls, our team is an invaluable resource as you decide how to position your company and its ongoing strategy to the institutional capital markets. We provide expert counsel in this area and because of our unique backgrounds, we intuitively understand how the nuances of communicating news to Wall Street can influence valuation.

Content & Message Development

With intelligence and positioning in hand, our teams work to craft the specific messages that will resonate with the investment community and work in teams to ensure those messages translate to other audiences. Existing and prospective shareholders require a clear and reliable exchange of information to engage them and keep them engaged. As your IR partner, ICR serves as the frontline with both audiences.

Relationship Management

Cultivating relationships is the cornerstone of an effective IR program. Due to our capital markets backgrounds and industry focus we maintain long term relationships with key analysts and shareholders in more than 20 industries. Consequently, we’re able to identify opportunities and leverage our expansive network to target potential shareholders, new sell-side sponsorships, and investment banking relationships. A premium valuation requires that kind of connectivity while making a clear and compelling case for your company.