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Public Relations

Comprised of global PR agency veterans, former journalists, political consultants, lawyers, and senior corporate professionals, our Corporate Communications and Public Relations teams works closely with our Investor Relations teams to build and implement integrated programs that clarify your story in the marketplace and break through the clutter.

Business & Financial Media Relations

The importance of the business and financial media has only increased in recent years with the proliferation of news outlets, blogs and online commentary. It is critical that companies take control of how they are perceived in the media and engage in highly strategic and proactive media relations. If you don’t tell your story, someone else will, and odds are you are not going to like their version. With a team of former financial journalists and senior media relations professionals, ICR advises its clients in all aspects of media relations and regularly secures strategic coverage in all major outlets.

Business-to-Business PR

Underlying the corporate brand are the products and services that drive a company’s success. ICR understands how business-to-business activities link to the broader corporate objectives and develops integrated programs that drive awareness and loyalty among customers and business partners. We help you connect with current customers and prospects through media relations, social media engagement, new product launches, promotions, and tradeshow support.

Stakeholder Communications

Effective stakeholder communications, which includes employees, is especially critical during periods of intense change, such as a merger or acquisition, senior executive transitions, IPO, crisis or a major new business initiative. ICR ensures that key stakeholders are the first to hear of major developments (instead of through newspapers or web rumors), and that these stakeholders understand what it means to them so they can be effective contributors.

Executive Visibility

Senior management is the face of a company and a valuable corporate asset. We develop platforms and campaigns to raise executive profiles and build confidence in your company’s leadership to help advance larger goals. From speaking opportunities to social media to corporate statements, we’ll craft expressions of thought leadership that not only position the message effectively, but the messenger as well.

Public Affairs

Often, companies can face legislative, regulatory or policy issues at the national or state level that can significantly impact their business operations or prospects moving forward. ICR’s team includes experienced public affairs practitioners that can advise, counsel and develop plans that respond to these challenges or seek to avoid them in the first place through strategic communications, relationship and coalition building, and proven public affairs initiatives.

Corporate Video

Video is one of the most dynamic and effective story-telling mediums. A smart video can often be the most compelling way to showcase key metrics, reinforce positioning, galvanize perceptions and, ultimately, define the corporate brand. Our in-house production team takes its lead from the experienced IR and PR account team leaders to develop products that augment a comprehensive communications program with video for IPO Roadshows, Annual Reports, corporate overviews, employee and customer purposes and a range of additional internal and external uses. Click here for more information.

Corporate Positioning

We help define and articulate your company’s positioning and value proposition through a structured process of competitive intelligence, media and capital markets analysis, stakeholder interviews and market research. We’ll help define a corporate brand that serves as a rallying point for employees, a magnet for customers and business partners, and a source of clarity and value to the investment community.

Lifestyle & Brand PR

Storytelling is at the core of what we do. Integral to a company’s success is the value of its brand, what it represents and its ability to create lasting connection with its target consumers. In a world where the landscape for consumer engagement grows more and more competitive every day, the need for companies to have an integrated, strategic approach to brand communications is critical. We develop programs that not only raise the overall profile of the company’s brand and its products, but also translates the value of those to its end consumers. From initial communication strategy and message development, to activations and tactical execution plans, ICR helps you tell your brand story to help capture the minds and loyalty of your consumers. Check out The ICR Lifestyle Lab

Technology PR

At the center of every technology company is an amazing idea, an innovative concept and an inspiring story. Technology has the capacity to be revolutionary, with unlimited potential for variation, adaptation and evolution. Inspired by that notion, ICR established a diverse team of experienced technology PR professionals who are uniquely qualified to shine a spotlight on the stories that matter for their clients’ success. Working in a range of sectors, including SaaS, Cloud Infrastructure, Internet, Ecommerce, Mobile, Fintech, Data/Analytics and the growing IoT space, ICR’s technology PR practice has an deep understanding of the dynamic world of technology. ICR has successfully married a deep understanding of technology, business and financial media, with an elastic adaptability that complements the tech clients we serve. We provide a compelling value proposition for companies at various life stages, including startups seeking to raise additional capital, growth companies with IPOs on the horizon, organizations investing in M&A, businesses transforming to meet customer and market demands, and public entities looking to better tell their stories.

Media & Presentation Coaching

A compelling story is only half the battle. The ability to effectively articulate that narrative to key stakeholders is often the difference between success and failure. With the benefit of this coaching, management teams can positively influence their interactions with the investment community, media, and all of those who influence corporate reputation and equity valuation. ICR’s presentation, media, and executive communications coaches are grounded by their decades of experience on Wall Street, with elected national and state leaders, and in boardrooms around the world. Through comprehensive workshops – and beyond simple performance techniques – ICR enables companies to achieve a persuasive positioning, present key messages effectively, and handle difficult questions with ease.