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Social Media Management

These days, every business is a digital business. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a multinational corporation or a brand new start-up—every business has to be ready to manage its reputation through digital, mobile and social experiences.

(Interesting factoid: Fully 81% of all online purchases begin with online searches. Even when customers are already familiar with your company and your products, they’re still convinced that due diligence requires them to start their process with a general product search.)

ICR’s Digital Branding Practice specializes in expanding your brand’s digital footprint (website, mobile apps, social presence), while driving awareness and deepening engagement with influencers and potential investors. We focus on three critical areas:

1. Managing Your Social Media Presence

The Digital Branding Practice at ICR is structured to respond to fast-moving developments in the marketplace with urgency, sensitivity and creativity.

  • We create both new social content as well as repurpose existing content.
  • We develop platform-specific posting strategies that maximize visibility while minimizing opportunities for unsolicited negative commentary.
  • We implement a social media administration platform that monitors the social conversation about your company and provides guidance for responses.
  • We create email campaigns in support of major announcements, such as key company milestones and product developments.

2. Creating High-Velocity Content

In this new up-tempo digital arena, the value of your content is measured in terms of velocity and share-ability. White papers, interviews and articles can still be powerful, but recent studies have shown that visual material – images, short videos and infographics – are most often re-Tweeted and re-posted.

We recommend expressing the themes developed for your traditional PR program with these kinds of high-velocity vehicles. Using ICR’s deep sector knowledge as our springboard, our award-winning team of writers, designers and producers – including a full-service video production studio – we can create everything you need. We would be happy to share a portfolio of our recent work.

3. Implementing Social Media Marketing

The sobering rule of thumb in the social sphere is: Even an aggressive schedule of Tweets and posts will only reach about 5% of any audience. So how can you reach the other 95% of your influencers?

One of the most exciting recent developments in digital marketing is the increasing effectiveness of social advertising – that is, text ads, banners, videos and other social-specific messages placed directly into the news feeds of influencers and potential investors on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Social media marketing enables the kind of micro-targeted, hyper-effective advertising campaigns that could only be dreamed of just a few years ago.

ICR has implemented successful programs aimed at investors, influencers and C-Suiters; we create the materials, plan the budgets, execute the buys, monitor the results and adapt the content as required.

And the results have been insanely great: Click-through rates that are 3250% greater than the norm. A 2575% increase in impressions. Engagement rates of 40%. For a cost of less than 4 cents per impression.