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Transactions & Special Situations

ICR has extensive experience developing and executing communications strategies that help companies manage extraordinary situations and transformational events. Our capital markets expertise and integrated communications model ensures that all key stakeholders receive timely, consistent, and clear messages that address their specific issues and manage expectations.

Activism and Governance

ICR has a specialized advisory team that has guided companies effectively through activist campaigns, proxy contests, and governance challenges. We combine our Wall Street experience with our media relations and crisis management skills to respond with consistency and credibility. We know the buy-side community – who they are and how they think. We understand how investors will react to an activist. And we know what messages will resonate with them and the proxy advisory firms.

Initial Public Offerings

Perhaps no event is more pivotal in a company’s life-cycle than an initial public offering. We make sure management is thoroughly prepared, not only for the transaction at hand, but as a public company executives. Hundreds of companies with public ambitions have chosen ICR for expert advisory and communications support, the latter which includes our extensive network of investment community and media connections. From underwriter selection to road show preparation to media coverage, we make sure management is talking to the right people at the right time to maximize equity value on day one and for the longer term.

Dual Track Readiness

Increasingly, companies are keeping their liquidity options open – by simultaneously preparing for an initial public offering or an outright sale. In dual-track situations, we plan for either outcome, advising on the pros and cons of each path and ultimately positioning the story for both public and private company stakeholders, of the public or private company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

ICR has advised on hundreds of M&A transactions. Our industry focus, capital markets expertise, and communications experience give us the insight to properly communicate a transaction’s merits to Wall Street, the financial media and other stakeholders. From deal positioning through announcement, approval and integration, ICR ensures that all audiences understand the value of these pivotal transactions.

Divestitures and Spin-offs

Selling a business oftentimes creates doubt and uncertainty and questions follow. ICR has helped many clients effectively articulate the rationale for divestitures or spin-offs, and has helped leverage the opportunity to reinforce their commitment to shareholder value.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Corporate restructuring or bankruptcy proceedings present unique risks to a company’s reputation and its many stakeholder relationships. We help companies demonstrate stability, credibility, and leadership in an otherwise uncertain time. Through an integrated communications strategy, we keep all stakeholders informed, protect corporate reputation, and lay the foundation for a new positive narrative.