While a sound balance sheet and consistent profitability matters, a company’s most valuable asset is clearly its reputation. Leaving it unattended can have a more serious impact on equity and brand value than a bad quarter or a prolonged slump. Building and sustaining an industry leading reputation requires a consistent, compelling message across all audiences including investors, the media, employees, business partners, and vendors. Our practice teams work together to ensure that your story is aligned and delivered to the right people through the right channels at the right time.

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Investor Relations

Firsthand capital markets experience, deep sector-specific knowledge, and an unmatched network of market influencers are the foundations of our industry leading Investor Relations practice. We see your company as Wall Street will see it and understand the art of building and maintaining premium value.


Public Relations

Your company operates under the close scrutiny of multiple stakeholders: investors, corporate partners, customers, employees, government, local communities and the media. How they perceive and interpet your communications is critical to maximizing equity and brand value. ICR’s Public Relations group helps you articulate and deliver a story that allows you to better achieve your business goals.


Crisis & Issues Management

The time to figure out how to manage a crisis is before it occurs, not after the fact. We won’t let you be caught off guard. A smart, swift and proactive response can turn a crisis into an opportunity, and earn the respect of the public and the markets.


Transactions & Special Situations

IPOs, M&A, Shareholder activism, Proxy contests, and Hostile bids. We’ve guided clients through them all. ICR helps companies achieve the optimal outcome from any transformational event, with an eye on protecting and enhancing value through consistent and timely communications that address all stakeholder concerns.


ICR Capital LLC | Advisory

Companies often make strategic decisions or initiate transactions without considering market perceptions in the process. Our clients know they can call us and tap the firm’s intellectual capital to help assess a decision’s potential impact on the company’s reputation and value – before they make it.