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An unprecedented, strong commercial aerospace cycle including multiple new OEM platforms has been a catalyst for the industry, but taken along with sometimes intense pressure on defense programs, clear and compelling messaging can be complex and challenging across the AD&I sector. As a result, there is increasing focused on discipline with respect to return on invested capital, particularly as Companies balance investment in capital-intensive new programs against the need to maximize cash generation in a progressing cycle. There is also significant public and thus press interest in how the industry is approaching the environment, particularly where issues of national security are involved.

To satisfy investors while managing a wider set of audiences, companies need to demonstrate the ability to drive value through careful investment selection and to thoughtfully communicate their pursuit of efficiency initiatives that address the cost-pressured environment. To the latter point, we believe that embracing the concepts of continuous improvement and reengineering and communicating those actions clearly is universally well-advised. ICR’s AD&I team has deep experience and expertise in positioning a wide range of key corporate events, including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. We also understand the nuances of effectively positioning prime and subcontractors, systems integrators, as well as suppliers participating in both the OEM and the aftermarket. We also bring to bear a deep understanding of the internal constituencies, local communities, investors and government customers that are the most important constituencies for your business.

We are effective across a wide variety of categories and have particular expertise in the areas of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, aircraft component and systems manufacture, specialty metals and materials, tactical vehicles, individual equipage, and logistics and supply chain management. With current knowledge of industry trends, key major programs and emerging technologies we are well equipped to represent our clients effectively with the investment community, the business and trade press, and a wider range of decision makers in business and government.


The Ten People Who Determine Your Valuation

There is a tee shirt popular among social psychologists (admittedly a niche market) that reads, “Stereotypes are a Real Time Saver.” These scientists, many of them management professors, appreciate the ironic humor. They know, through their close study of behavior, that we are all cognitive misers with too much to do and too many things to understand.


Dual-Listed IPOs: The Keys to Success in Managing a Cross-Border Offering

There is no expected slowdown in the pace of Canadian, or TSX-listed, companies looking to list in the U.S.




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