The adoption and economics associated with renewable energy sources such as solar, biofuels and wind are approaching an inflection point. Business models are transitioning from a dependence on regulatory support to true economic viability. This is also true in a number of important industrial products and technologies across agricultural, water, energy efficiency, specialty and intermediate chemicals markets.

We believe that renewable, low-cost and low-volatility feedstock, such as sugars and cellulosics, will provide a truly market-disruptive growth opportunity. This makes for a powerful corporate story that can be leveraged to generate interest, excitement and support for these emerging businesses. While short-term focused investors are concerned that falling traditional energy and petrochemical prices could erase this economic advantage, we believe that the future of these technologies is clear and compelling.

While there has been a previously intense focus on the science behind companies in this space, increasingly there is attention paid to the business model development that must accompany a strong intellectual property position for true success. The ICR clean technology team brings an intense, hands-on working knowledge of the industry, its most interested constituencies, and a clear understanding of public and investor sentiment towards this space. We can leverage our extensive contacts throughout the industry, the press and on Wall Street to help position and leverage companies for success now and into what looks to be a powerful future.


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