Corporate identity and differential valuation in the global energy market is driven by many factors. Investors think carefully about asset positioning, contractual strategy, cost efficiency, balance sheet discipline and capital access. The broader suite of audiences thinks about corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and a wide range of employment issues. While the commodity price backdrop is important because it sets a range of available valuation, it does not determine a company’s position within the range. We are exceptionally well positioned to influence public and investor perception and valuation across all facets of the energy value chain. Our team has particular and focused experience in midstream, exploration and production (E&P), master limited partnerships (MLPs) and a broad suite of energy services for the oil and gas industry.

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly complex energy environment, it is imperative to continually evaluate and strategically incorporate a comprehensive set of audiences to your communications programs and to utilize an inclusive and carefully crafted messaging strategy that seamlessly addresses investors, your employees, the press, and the wider public arena. Our practice extends from some of the world’s largest energy companies to niche market players and service providers; our experience spans multiple cycles and a wide range of market dynamics. Our team’s strong history in the industry, on Wall Street and across strategic communications establishes a knowledge and relationship base that we believe is unequaled and uniquely capable within the energy industry.



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Managing Partner

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