Perceptions of value in the Healthy Living category are increasingly driven by a company’s ability to deliver on its promise to consumers and extend its brand. A company does not need to offer the consumer every aspect of a healthy lifestyle, but it needs to offer a clear path to the consumer’s goals. If a company can leverage its core offering to expand into adjacent categories, it will also likely increase its perceived value. This is a major advantage for our clients as they prepare for IPOs, M&A transactions and strategic events.

ICR has the leading team of healthy Living specialists that work with global brands as well as regionally branded companies that aspire to be national and international brands. We are the “go to” partner for Healthy Living companies that want to successfully navigate Wall Street through all situations including IPO’s, Secondary’s M&A activity, crisis situations as well as on-going strategic counsel. With over 70 years of combined experience as buy-side portfolio managers, sell-side analysts, investment bankers and communications professionals ICR has an unmatched expertise. With sharp insights gained from working with over 30 companies in the category, our team can advise you on Wall Street’s focus and how to best position your company to reach its full valuation potential in all situations.


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