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In the global industrials and chemicals sector, the market tends to favor companies that demonstrate cost discipline and efficiency and that have strong proprietary technology, intellectual property and processes. A strong competitive position and some degree of insulation from macro-economic headwinds are also clear advantages. These concerns are underlined by volatility in the global currency market and a renewed focus on cash flow and disciplined capital allocation. These must be treated hand-in-hand with a wider range of public focus on topics like labor relations and corporate social responsibility. Premium valuations go to companies that satisfy these demands and demonstrate discipline and innovation in their pursuit of growth in an intensely competitive global market.

ICR has broad experience with a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing businesses in the chemicals, automotive, basic manufacturing, and natural resource markets. Our industrial sector team understands global go-to-market strategies and has the deep experience to help companies gain share of mind, reinforce their corporate brand and reputation and to develop a superior cost of capital. This experience can be particularly valuable in the context of positioning a wide variety of capital markets transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and spin-offs and can help you tell your story in the most compelling way to those people who have the greatest influence on your reputation and your valuation.


Dual-Listed IPOs: The Keys to Success in Managing a Cross-Border Offering

There is no expected slowdown in the pace of Canadian, or TSX-listed, companies looking to list in the U.S.




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