Internet & E-Commerce

Worldwide Internet access is ubiquitous. Both consumers and businesses are increasingly reliant on the Internet every day as a valuable source of news, information, entertainment and commerce. Meanwhile, new and highly disruptive business models are threatening traditional businesses by presenting unique opportunities for investors and consumers alike. Within a sector known for its high-risk/high-reward profile, Internet companies need to clearly communicate their complex technology and data-driven models to investors while projecting a long-term picture of success in an increasingly crowded landscape. The stakes are high and the window to market can quickly open and close. ICR understands the imperative task of defining the market opportunity and the competitive moats surrounding an Internet company’s business model. For the majority of companies operating at a loss in the sector, this is particularly important as Internet investors place a premium on companies that have outlined a clear path to profitability and articulated the long-term scalability of their business model.

As the only firm with senior level, sell-side and industry analyst experience covering the Internet sector, as well as senior-level management experience in advertising-driven Internet and media companies, ICR is uniquely qualified to serve as the strategic communications partner for Internet companies. ICR’s strong consumer sector and The ICR Conference also help to strategically position the firm to help e-Commerce companies navigate through the capital markets.

ICR’s industry sector experience provides clients with an advantage in articulating their stories through financial communications, such as public company earnings calls, the media, IPOs, M&A transactions and a wide range of other events. Over the past few years, ICR has worked on approximately 40 percent of Internet IPO transactions, in addition to partnering with the internal IROs of several large cap Internet companies. With a breadth of client experience and industry knowledge, ICR can confidently advise management teams in helping them and their companies reach their full valuation potential.

Internet & E-commerce PR

PR has become an imperative for standing out in the noisy technology space, and ICR is further differentiated by having a fully integrated technology PR team, staffed with ambitious, knowledgeable experts. This is especially valuable in the Internet space – where competitors are constantly devising plans to undercut and disrupt already established products and organizations. ICR’s PR team understands this, and as a result specializes in a wide array of essentials, from managing PR and media around IPOs, to ongoing corporate PR and business/financial media support. The technology PR team also has expertise in the B2B and product PR space, as well as managing a wide range of crisis and other special situations. The combination of ICR’s Internet analyst experience and corporate communications expertise provides a truly valuable, unique and strategic asset for ICR’s clients.


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